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  • (tr)uSDX working DX

    (tr)uSDX working DX

    WOOHOO. Just talked to someone in Slovenia with 5W from the new little rig that arrived this weekend. 58 signal report reveived… 5W SSB… 4724 miles…. 944 miles per watt.

  • ARRL FD 2022

    ARRL FD 2022

    Not too shabby for 5W output power… all but one contact at the very end was made using FT8. I setup on the deck and used temporary antennas. Started out with the hamsticks, but ended up going to the 40M EFHW.

  • First uBITX QSO

    First uBITX QSO

    Just had my first QSO on the uBITX! Got a 53 signal report from Buescher State Park, southeast of Austin, TX. 984 miles. I don’t know my exact power output, but the uBITX maxes out at 10W on 80M, on 20M I was probably at about 4W output power.