Garage storage actually working

Today was a good day spent in the garage. I spent some time batching out some components and making a jig for putting the holes in for the retention pins.


The nice thing about working with aluminium is that woodworking power tools will cut and grind it just fine. So my miter saw can make the cuts, and my small belt sander can clean up the edges.


I just had to use some blocks of wood to hold the 3/8" rod in place.


One of the more tedius things was marking out the location to drill the holes for the pins to drop in to secure the tool holder so it doesn't get bumped off the wall. So I made a jig using some scraps of plywood, some t-nuts, washers, and some short bolts.


This way I can stick a tool holder base into the jig, run the drill press down, flip the board over and run the drill press again, and I have both holes.


I made three of the wall mounting cleat boards, but have only put up two so far, each one is 4' long. The snow shovels on the left are actually double stacked because we can, that's how they hang at the store.


So far this appears to be working pretty well, now I just need to finish making the hangers and getting the rest of the tools up there. I also mounted this lower than the previous system. Our longest hanging tool is the push broom.