More garage storage and a push stick

Added a requested modification to the first hanger. There was a concern that with the wind blowing, they could still get knocked off the hanger, so I added a lip to the end.


The next piece that got some work done was one of the broom hangers, or anything that has a ring at the end of the stick.


I was originally going to use the aluminium rod as well for that, but decided to use some poplar with a bit of wood glue and a brad shot into the end to help hold in place.


Today I also decided to make a better push stick instead of using whatever random piece of wood happens to be in reach.

I used a leftover piece of deck board, ripped a 1.5" piece off of one edge, added a roundover to the cut off to make it more comfortable to grip. Cut a 22.5 degree angle off of one end of the leftover board, screwed the handle to it. Then I cut a small piece and screwed it below the handle to act as a catch. If the catch gets chewed up, I can unscrew it and put a new on on. The goal is to keep my hand well away from the blade, even if I do something dumb like have the blade all the way up while cutting something thin.