Prototype garage storage

Now that the weather has started to warm up, I'm getting back into the shop, err, I mean the garage, to make some sawdust.

Along with trying to get rid of things that I'm not using or we don't need, this year I want to redo the storage that we have for our shovels, rakes, and other yard tools. Several years ago we bought a "system" that used plastic panels screwed to the wall that uses metal S hooks to hold tools. This... mostly works. But there are many times when even just a strong wind will cause things to shift and at least in a couple of cases, fall down.

To correct this, I'm planning to put up french cleat hangers for each tool. This way each tool will be held securely, and if we get rid of something, we can remove that hanger, and if we get something new, I can make a new one.

I'm using 1/2" plywood for this project. This afternoon I created my prototype.


This short wall portion will be much longer to accomodate multiple tools. To the left you can see the plastic and S hook solution.


The "hanger" is just a piece of 2x4 that has a 10 degree slice off one side, this will probably be 15 degrees in the final version.


The handle of a shovel will slide right over that chunk of 2x4 and should be pretty stable. By being 1.5 inches off the wall, the shovel can hang "back" closer to the wall, since these things do not hang straight up and down.

You may be wondering about the holes in the panel...


These are 3/8" holes to hold some aluminium rod pieces that are a little over 1.25 inches long. These go in about 1/16" below the board at the top, and prevent the cleat from coming off of the wall. This way when taking the shovel off or hanging it up, it doesn't get knocked off the wall. The pins are snug, but can be removed to allow the cleat to move up and be taken off.


Now I just need to make a hanger for the tools that DON'T have wide handles, and I can make my new tool hangers.

I can't claim that this is totally an original idea of mine, I was inspired by several other people, including