A Silver Lining?

A recurring theme of late has been that our hopes for institutions that many of us thought where "too big" to dismantle, may have been misplaced.

  • The Department of Education
  • The Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Federal Communications Commission
  • The Justice Department

I fear that we will soon find out just how vulnerable many of us are as these institutions are gutted, or even, possibly, abolished.

The idealist in me wishes for a world were libertarian ideas and practices result in better products and services, without sacrificing our health, environment or future generations.

But time and time again we have seen what happens when those in a position of power or authority do what is in their best interests, and it is seldom good.

Which brings me to a possible silver lining.

Maybe if people see the destruction and chaos that some of these decisions will bring, they will look back and realize that they can't blame the Other for the trials and tribulations, they will have to recognize that they brought this upon not just themselves, but all of us.

Maybe we will see those that are not governed only by their own self interest or greed step up and do The Right Thing for others.

Maybe we will see local and state officials do more to protect the people they serve than our federal government is doing.

Maybe we will see a massive amount of financial support from individuals to make up for the federal funding that is no longer going to be enough.

Maybe we will see people give money to teachers so that the children in our schools have enough supplies without forcing the teacher to spend their own money.

Maybe we will see police officers welcome review of policies and wistleblowers exposing unethical or corrupt behavior.

Maybe we will come out of this better off.

I hope so, but I fear that it may take so long that I will never live to see it. I hope that my nieces and nephews can see it. I hope that we turn this around before they are required to be the solution.

I hope that they live to see us being kinder to one another.

I hope that the sky is still blue, that the trees still grow, that the water is clean.

I hope that I never lose hope.