Dust off and nuke it from orbit...

I'm in the process, hopefully ongoing, of tossing out stuff that I don't need/want anymore. IF I can make it through my office, I then have to do the same thing in the garage. Too many "Maybe one day..." projects have stacked up.

Projects that I will never get to if I don't get things cleaned up.

Projects that I don't know that I even want to continue with.

I need a place to put my lab rack for learning Cisco gear/software. I've used their products for years, but I have never done anything to formally learn about how it works. It's all just been picked up as I worked on solutions to problems.

I need to cut down on the number of computers I am trying to maintain at home. Too many old laptops that aren't really worth maintaining. I think I should bite the bullet and get just the hardware that I actually need to get things done. Get rid of the rest.

I need to be able to get on the amateur radio bands without it being a major production ( to get the desk that I use for that ).

I need to be able to work on some programming projects. Projects that will help me learn python better, which is a current goal. Projects that will automate and streamline things that are done manually now.

So many of the things I want to do have been stopped or stalled by not wanting to deal with the hassle of actually getting to them.