Jekyll to Nikola, not so hard afterall

After I made my last post I was looking through the plugins available for Nikola and found one called 'import_jekyll'. A quick

nikola -i plugin import_jekyll
nikola import_jekyll ~/

And I was done!

Wait, nope, that didn't work. After doing some poking around, I had to edit the plugin to fix a path definition. There is a bug report that had the needed information.

Ok, now let's run nikola import_jekyll ~/

Yay! Files moved. Then I had to enable markdown... and then I had to go through and fix a bunch of import errors. '.code:: LANG' added before code blocks, which doesn't mean anything to markdown, but I guess means something to rst.

Several of the tags had each word split out with commas between each letter, which made the tag cloud look a little strange.

I will need to update this post with specific links to what I needed to do, and I still need to import the ham radio site. Since that one has lots of pictures, I think it will take more work, we'll see.

UPDATE: added the link for fixing the path issue.