Starting over

As I recently changed employers, I thought it might be a good idea to start blogging again.

And I also thought it would be a good idea to try something new, so I am giving Nikola a spin. Previously I have used wordpress, serendipity, octopress, jekyll and even webmake.

I've made a few changes in regards to the tools that I use lately, and this felt like another good change to make. I am using emacs and Org-Mode for notes and project planning. I thought about using some of the converters to use emacs to create my blog, but I decided to use something that was a little more editor agnostic.

I'm also using ruby and starting to look at using python for dev work instead of my goto of perl, not because perl can't do what I want, but because I want to try something different. Also, python is already being used for some projects at work, so it's something I should spend some time on anyway :)

I will most likely be merging my ham radio site into this one, because I want to simplify things a little bit. Not that getting all the content moved over will be simple, but in the long term I think it will be worth the effort. Many of the things that I am interested in cross over between ham radio, games, life, and general geekery.