Courage, Bravery and Heroism

I see people trying to compare one act of courage, bravery or heroism to another. These are all ways to describe someone acting despite their fear, uncertainty and doubt.

While there are many actions that will automatically be described in that way, they are not the only ones. Running into a burning building to save someone else or standing in harms way to protect others are two examples that are easily identified. But for some people just leaving their home is overcoming fear. Speaking in front of an assembled group of ones peers. Standing up to a bully. Taking a stand for something you believe in, whether that be a religious, moral or ethical issue. Depending on the time and place, these could all be very brave and courageous acts.

Just because something is not a challenge for you, or you do not agree with what someone else is doing does not mean that for them it is not an act of courage, bravery or heroism. Don't dismiss or judge harshly someone else just because you don't think what they are doing is brave or you don't agree with them.

One day it will be you that is overcoming fear, uncertainty and doubt in a way that others do not understand or approve of.