PECL::Perl and Net::Telnet

Well, I wasn't going to, but I decided to install the PECL::Perl extension for PHP afterall. So far it seems to work with the two modules that were proving to be difficult to find native PHP replacements for, Text::Diff and Net::Telnet.

Here is an example of using it with Net::Telnet:


$perl = new Perl();
$perl->eval('use Net::Telnet');

$t = $perl->eval(<<<'PERL_END'
new Net::Telnet(
   Prompt => '/\S+[#>][ ]?$/'

$t->open( '' );
$t->login( $username, $password );

$lines = $t->array->cmd( 'show ver' );

print_r( $lines );

I am sure that there are people that are going to hate this solution :)