Morse Machine and morse

As part of my quest to be a well rounded amateur radio operator, I am learning morse code. A couple of websites and programs have been a big help to me so far.,,

The morse machine available from is my goto learning program. I like the order that it uses and that it is cross platform, so that I can use it on my windows and linux based systems.

I also use the morse utility available on linux systems. It is handy to be able to tell what a letter, group of letters or words would sound like in morse.

It is also handy as a companion to the morse machines, if I run into a character that I am having a hard time with, I use

morse -f 600 -r -t -C '10owlprj' -s

To practice some of those characters. I don't have the entire alphabet down yet, but I am working on it. I am tempted to take a swing at W1AW Code Practice Files to see how much of them I can decipher.