Backing up

I try to be constantly aware of what things in my digital life need to be backedup. One of the things that I have NOT been backing up on a regular basis is my pinboard bookmarks.

I found a post about doing this and stuck it on my todo list.

When I finally got around to implementing the python script that was included in the post however, I found that I did not have a module installed and it was not show up in a quick 'apt-cache search pyzt', so I looked a little closer at it, and at the pinboard api and discovered that all I really needed was a single commandline:

/usr/bin/wget -O ~/Dropbox/pinboard/pinboard_backup.xml "$(cat ~/.pinboard-credentials)"

My ~/.pinboard-credentials file contains my pinboard API token from exactly as it is presented on the webpage.

So I dropped that into my crontab as a daily item, and now I will have a daily backup of my pinboard bookmarks.

For those of you that are going to point out that a single file that gets clobbered every day is not a 'real' backup, my dropbox folder is backed up to both SpiderOak and to a duplicati backup.