EverQuest - Project 1999

Some friends that I used to play EQ with, and then played WoW with, told me about Project 1999. So I went and poked around at it.

It is awesome.

The goal is to get as close to EverQuest in 1999 as possible. Two expansions, Kunark and Velious. That's it.

Since Velious was my favorite expansion of the game, this looks like it could be lots and lots of fun.

Some additional files that are not required but can be usefull are at http://p99.yourfirefly.com/

While Velious was my favorite expansion, I really liked the models that came with Luclin. So, here is how to turn them on for Project1999: Enable Luclin models

I also kind of like being able to tweak the UI a little. Thankfully, someone got Vert UI working. This and SARS back in the day were my two go to UI mods while I was still playing.

I have recreated some of my favorite characters here, this should be fun.

Drastor, wood elf druid  
Daoga, ogre warrior  
Frezick, gnome necromancer  
Wiggon, dwarf priest