package file invalid error fix


I finally ran across a fix for the package file invalid that seems to have worked. I had tried clearing the cache and dalvik cache multiple times with no success.

I installed sshdroid, and already had superuser installed.

I then sshed into my phone ( cool, right? ) and did the following:

/system/etc/init.d # mount -o remount,rw,noatime /system
/system/etc/init.d # mv 01mvdalvik /mnt/sdcard/01mvdalvik.old

Went back into the phone settings, cleared the cache, rebooted into recovery, cleared the cache and the dalvik cache. Reboot, voila, I can install things again. But I think I need to move the 01mvdalvik back to /etc/init.d.

But I also see that there is a new version of Harmonia for my Optimus V, so I may just go down that road.