xmonad + x11vnc + xmodmap

I like to use vnc to connect to existing x11 sessions on my linux workstations. I have recently, since installing archlinux on my T60, found the xmonad X11 window manager.

As someone that uses screen and tmux on a daily basis, xmonad seems like a good fit. Yes, I have run ratpoison in the past, I am digging xmonad more right now.

The only problem with using the x11vnc package with my current setup is that vnc doesn't capture the windows key, and sending ctrl-esc doesn't work.

At first I thought I would just configure a second mod key for xmonad, but it only supports the one. There being more than one way to skin a cat in the linux/unix world, I turned to xmodmap. Xmodmap allows you to remap keys.

My current .xmodmap file looks like this:

remove mod1 = Alt_R
add mod4 = Alt_R

This allows me to use the right alt key as an additional modifier along with the windows key, which is mod4 by default.