Too many series, not enough books.

I just finished "Mission of Honor" by David Weber. The last book that has been published in the "Honor Harrington" series. I started this series because the other series that I was reading didn't have any new books out.

So now, I have yet another series that I am waiting for an author to publish the next book in. Yup, I did it to myself, again.

Books I am currently waiting for:

"Cold Days" of "The Dresden Files". Like any good author that isn't done with a series, Jim Butcher has left us hanging with what in the heck is going to happen next. "The Dresden Files" is currently my favorite series of books.

A Memory of Light" of "The Wheel of Time" series. This should be the last book in said series. Brandon Sanderson has done an awesome job taking this series over after the death of Robert Jordan. Based on his treatment of these books, I am tempted to pick up his "Mistborne" series. I am pretty sure that if I do that I will end up adding his other books to my library as well.

I initially started these series to be fillers while I waited for Jim Butcher and Brandon Sanderson to publish the next books in their series. Now I am torn as to which one I wish would come out next.

"Tricked" of "The Iron Druid Chronicles". Kevin Hearne and Jim Butcher I think both had the same teachers when it comes to endings to books.

"Raven Calls" of "The Walker Papers" by C. E. Murphy. Is anyone else noticing a trend of "Urban Fantasy" here? "The Iron Druid Chronicles", "The Walker Papers" and "The Dresden Files" are all about magic users set in our current history and society. They each approach it from a slightly different perspective, a crossover with all three would probably break the world, in more ways than one.

"A Rising Thunder" the next in the Honorverse of David Weber. This has been a very good series for me. I'm not sure if it is because I have been listening to the audiobooks of it or just because the writing is that good, or more likely, a combination of both, but I find myself having some very emotional reactions to things that happen in the book to various characters.

"A Song of Ice and Fire" or "The Game of Thrones" books by George R. R. Martin. I like these books, but due to the frequency, or lack there of, at which he releases new titles, I am not exactly looking forward to this with bated breath. For reasons that others who have read the books will understand, I personally beleive that the end of the series will end in a massive cracking of the world, killing everyone.

The problem now, is that none of these authors are due to release anything in these series for the next several months. So what is an addict to do? I am most likely going to take a page from what I used to do every year. I would re-read "The Dresden Files" books, normally timed so that I would finish the last book just before the new one was published. Thankfully, I think, I have plenty of books to get through if I want to get all of them done again.

  • "The Dresden Files", 13 books.
  • "The Wheel of Time", 13 books.
  • "The Honorverse", 12 books.
  • "The Walker Papers", 6 books.
  • "The Iron Druid Chronicles", 3 books.

That should keep me busy for a while, right? If not I can go back and read the 6 books in the "Codex Alera" series also by Jim Butcher again. And if even that is not enough to keep me occupied until one of these authors publishes another book, I do have plenty of other books to read. I could also spend some time getting my entire library dumped into