Awesome Fail: sudo mount in .bashrc

I saw this in an opensource operating system support channel on a popular IRC network today.

user1 | how do I automount a HDD on boot? putting "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/backup" in .bashrc probably wont work, since its a sudo command?
user2 | user1: man fstab has good instructions.
user1 | can I just add /dev/sdb1 /mnt/backup to the end of it? without all those ext3 and other specs in the end
user2 | no. you need some of them options, or it won't be valid.
user2 | also, you might well want to find out the UUID of the filesystem.
user1 | ouch
user1 | considering making one big LVM of all my disks

I know that I should have jumped into this conversation, but... I was at a loss at how to approach the level of the lack of understanding of things that I consider basic. I want people to realize that there are alternatives to closed systems. I want people to experiment, to learn. But I shudder when things like this come up.

That someone knows enough to be able to use 'LVM' in a sentance, but doesn't know how to use /etc/fstab scares the hell out of me.