blogging, nanoblogger, fail.

I attempted to update to the latest RC for nb today.

It failed. It failed miserably. Before attempting to upgrade to the latest version of nanoblogger, I seriously considered using iWeb to do my blogging. I could then, in theory, also update my photography pages, all from in iWeb!

But the templates suck. I know, it's always something right? I am never really satisfied with something, I always want to pick at it, make it better, stream line it, SOMETHING. But then I spend more time picking at something than actually doing it.

Which is one reason why GTD appeals to me, intellectually at least. It makes sense. Out of all the stuff I am picking at, what do I need to do NEXT. Ok, do it. Simple, right? Hah! Guess what? You can pick at GTD, too! Which is what lead me to Merlin Mann's website. And then lead me to read the Inbox Zero series. And to watch the video of his presentation about it to Google. And then to look for other things that he had talked about, so I came across a blog post that pointed to a video of him talking about how, and WHY, to blog.

One of the best slides from the talk is:

Find your obsession.
Every day, explain it to
one person you respect.
Edit everything, skip shortcuts,
and try not to be a dick.
Get Better.

Of course, the explanation that goes with the slide is what makes it so great, so you should probably go watch the video.

Which leads to...

The last couple of days I have been inspired by or at least obsessing about blogging, and doing it about things that I obsess about. Like why it is that I keep falling off the GTD wagon. I do good for a few days, maybe a week, and then I fall back into my old, horrible habits. Or what it is about the candidates in the current U.S.A. Presidential election that I like/dislike/loathe/love. What is happening with the wow expansion that I think is really cool? What new thing have I learned or relearned in perl, bash, ksh, linux, html, etc? Yes I am a geek, if you didn't know that about me before, sorry to shatter whatever illusions you had of me. These are all topics that I think about, some more than others, and some instead of others that I should be thinking about.

Those that know me, know that I am a professional procrastinator. I come by it honestly. I always seem to not have a TUIT handy, "I'll do that tomorrow" is literally a horrible black hole for me. I have things that I need to do. I even know, most of the time, that there is something better that I should be doing. (For instance, right now I should probably be doing one of half a dozen things, including sleeping, sending invoices out, cleaning my office, putting up a shelf in the garage... see what I mean?!)

Back to blogging software... so instead of blogging, I have been tweaking, messing with, researching and trying to decide HOW I want to blog. A WYSIWYG has it's appeal, so does wordpress, drupal, serendipity, and others.

But I keep telling myself, "Simple, I just want to be able to write, and not worry about the software!" I don't want HOW I am doing what I am doing to be getting in the way of doing it. So I am back to the installed, working, version of nanoblogger. Will I still obsess about what software I am using to blog with? Probably. Will I stick with nb? Again, probably. The real question is, can I keep posting? Will I keep posting? I intend to keep posting, but we know about the best intentions, don't we?

Maybe once the moderator lets me into the support discussion group for it, I will see if I can get the new version of nb working, just because.