Since I started hanging out on facebook I have been looking around for friends that I have not seen, emailed or talked to in a long time. One of these friends that I have been looking for is Kent Annas, sometimes better known online as Kelani.

Kel was one of my major influences early in my online life. Through a mutual aquaintence we met in an IRC channel on Undernet. Only when I was in the process of moving back to NC from TX did I find out that he lived in my then home town of Lenoir!

Those of you that may have been to my website over the last 10+ years may remember some of my earlier artistic attempts. "The Realm" being one of them. This can be directly attributed to influences from Kel. Along with with some of my 3d art, for instance .

Anyway, I found LoBD using facebook and through some more googling, I found 'Kelani Z' on deviantART. Hopefully I wil be able to reconnect with my friend.