Earl Grey, Hot.

Today while out shopping for groceries and miscellaneous stuff, I picked up some Earl Grey tea on a whim. As a geek I of course new that Picard drank Earl Grey tea, and that it was somewhat popular.

I have been drinking green tea and the occasional chamomile tea for the last couple of years. Mostly because while coffee is OK, there is something about a good cup of tea...

Some history. As some of you may know, I lived for 4 years in Swaziland, which until the late 1960's was a British Protectorate. Needless to say, I have had good tea before. Just not recently. Well, I have had good tea, just not quite the SAME as what I had then. I think the reason may be that I was drinking Earl Grey tea while in Southern Africa. The tea I just made a few minutes ago brought back some memories.

So, now I will reminisce while sitting in my living room and enjoy my Earl Grey, hot.