Alcohol and Responsibility

Why is it that people feel that being drunk is an excuse for doing dumb things?
"But they were drunk, they did not know what they were doing"
People are still responsible for what they do, even when they are drunk.

That means if they get behind the wheel of a car, pick up a weapon or get into a fight in a bar. People still need to be held accountable for thier actions, even if they have been drinking. Being chemically impaired is not a pass. In this article a man received a prison sentence of 5 years because his passenger died when crashed a car into a tree. Personally, I feel he should have been sent to prison for 25-to-life. His actions directly led to someones death.

Here is a different article where a man was given 23 years for killing a pedestrian. "Intoxication Manslaughter" was the charge, it should have been murder. If people knew that they could not hide behind, or in, a bottle, perhaps then they would take more responsibility for what they did.

I am not advocating that alcohol be made illegal, that is not going to fix the problems. The problems are not caused by alcohol, but by people. I have been known to have a drink from time to time, I have even been known to get drunk on occasion. But even though I may get drunk, I am still responsible for what I do. If I have ANY thought that I should not drive, if I have to question it, I do not get behind the wheel. Period. If more would take this kind of responsibility, then less would be killed by drivers who also happen to be drinking.