A Green Funeral?

Reading an article in The Isthmus today, I was happy to read an article about "Green Funerals". This is something that I have been hoping to see for a while now. It is not "natural" to try to preserve a dead body for years and years, which is the effect of embalming, placing in a steel box and then placing into a vault.

I had thought that the only option left to me would be to be cremated instead of the "traditional" burial of the last 50+ years. Now I know that I need to do some research on cemeteries that allow a green funeral, since there is not a state law stating that you have to even have a coffin.

When it is my time to go, stick me in a plain pine box and dump some dirt over me, if my family wants a memorial, a place to go to lay flowers, they can plant a tree on my grave site, or even plant a tree in my name somewhere else.