blog software.

I have been contemplating over the last week changing my blog software. But as I keep looking at it, I don't see anything that tickles my fancy. Oh well. I guess I will keep using nanoblogger.

First photos of Spring

This evening, Jane and I went out and took some pictures of the sunset. While standing down in a hole I snapped this pic with the f/1.8 50mm.
This and other new pics from this spring can be found on the camera page.


Yes, I drank some more of the Apple KoolAid. I bought an iPod Nano.
Out of 8gig of space, I have 500 meg free. :( I have 9.3 gig of music on the wanderer right now, and about 2 more gig of stuff to sort through and import into iTunes. Maybe I should have gotten the iPod classic...

I did of course put my archive copies of "Plateau Sigma" songs on it.
Ah, the memories.

Sleepy iTunes

After listening to the Solo Piano on for a little while, I thought this would make a good thing to listen to while I am trying to fall asleep... but I did not want to have to leave my laptop on the entire time I was asleep.... Enter applescript!

ignoring application responses
    tell application "iTunes"
        open location ""
    end tell

    delay 1800

    tell application "iTunes"
    end tell

    tell application "Finder"
    end tell
end ignoring, internet radio

Today while trying to decide what to listen to at the office, I decided to hit the "Radio" section in iTunes... and stumbled across "Absolutely Smooth Jazz". I liked what I was hearing, so I decided to take a look at the website and discovered they also had solo piano and classic guitar.


Smooth Jazz
Classic Guitar
Solo Piano


Since I started hanging out on facebook I have been looking around for friends that I have not seen, emailed or talked to in a long time. One of these friends that I have been looking for is Kent Annas, sometimes better known online as Kelani.

Kel was one of my major influences early in my online life. Through a mutual aquaintence we met in an IRC channel on Undernet. Only when I was in the process of moving back to NC from TX did I find out that he lived in my then home town of Lenoir!

Those of you that may have been to my website over the last 10+ years may remember some of my earlier artistic attempts. "The Realm" being one of them. This can be directly attributed to influences from Kel. Along with with some of my 3d art, for instance .

Anyway, I found LoBD using facebook and through some more googling, I found 'Kelani Z' on deviantART. Hopefully I wil be able to reconnect with my friend.


I think I may have finally been dragged kicking and screaming into Web2.0. I joined facebook so that I could see pictures that Jesse Trucks posted. Now friends and family have found me there. sigh.

I blame Jesse.


Why is it that I constantly feel like I don't have time to do what I want to do? I am reading 'Getting Things Done' and trying to implement it, and for the most part I see a positive result, but.. well... it will probably just take more time to work better. I hope.

More RAM!

Today the RAM arrived for the Wanderer. 4 gb. My macbook now has more ram than all the other computers in my house, combined.

The Wanderer

Last Thursday, I finally bit the bullet and got a new laptop. Now, brace yourself, sit down, don't faint...

A Macbook. 2.4ghz. 2gb of RAM. 160gb hdd. OS 10.5.2

Yes, I got a Mac. Given the choices between Vista or MacOSX, I chose MacOSX. So far, I am loving it.

It took a little while to get GnuCash to compile using MacPorts. But so far it just 'works'.

As for the title of this post, 'wanderer' is the name of the new Macbook.