ML-L3 Remote

I have been wanting to get an ML-L3 IR remote for my camera for a while now... I was hoping someone would pick it off my wishlist this last Christmas and birthday season... oh well. So I called around and The Camera Company in Madison had one, so I went and snatched it up.

Yay! Toy!


Yesterday on my way home from work, I saw something that kind of bothers me. A black truck pulls up beside me at a stoplight. The passenger has her window cracked open, and she taps some ash from her lit cigarette. No big deal. Then, just before the truck pulls away from the light, she tosses it, still lit and only half smoked, out the window.

I bet if asked, she would say that of course she does not litter...

Stay frosty...

For some reason that quote, "Stay Frosty" from "Aliens" came to mind when I saw this...

Yes, that is frost not snow on those trees. These were taken at about 08:00am in Fitchburg, WI.

That's not a knife...

For as long as I can remember, my dad has always carried a Swiss Army knife. I have seen him fix almost anything using that knife.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I was carrying a Gerber multitool, a lockblade Schrade and a small lockblade given as a groomsmans present at my sisters wedding... I decided that I needed to trim down the amount of stuff I was carrying in my pockets. So yesterday I bought my first Swiss Army "Tinker" to replace the other two knives.

Thanks, Dad!

New pictures, Winter Wonderland, Sunset

I have not updated this in a couple of weeks, so I figured it would be a good time to. I woke up for some reason around 5pm this evening, glanced out the window and saw that I needed to grab my jeans (and long underwear), a coat and my camera...

Since I have not updated my blog in a couple weeks, but I HAVE updated the pictures... you might want to look and make sure you have not missed any.

Winter Wonderland

I broke out the new tripod and got some quick shots outside my office today. . Hopefully I will add some more to this soon.

updated sed 1 liner

As usually happens, as soon as I figure out a slick way to do something, I figure out a way to make it easier/better!

*script-fu* | sed -e 's,[.],,g' -e 's,\\(....\\)\\(....\\)\\(....\\),\1.\2.\3,g'

sed 1 liner

While working on some stuff tonight, I had to reformat several MAC addresses. I asked in #lopsa for some assistance and ended up with this: (Thanks geek)

*script-fu* | egrep -o '^(....[.]....[.]....) |  
sed -e 's/[.]//g' -e 's,\\(..\\),\1:,g' -e 's/:$//'